Questions to Ask Your New Dentist


Finding a new dentist can be an adventure, and making sure that you’ve found the right dentist for you is an important step in building a partnership to enhance your oral health. There are a number of ways to find a new dentist–asking your insurance company, a simple web search, or looking through the ADA database for dentists in your area. But when you think you’ve found the right dentist for you, how do you get things started?

It’s important to remember that as dentists, we’re here to help. We want to guide you towards the best possible oral health and the brightest smile. In order to do that, we’re happy to answer your questions–but what are the right questions to ask your new dentist? As it turns out there are a number of topics you should raise when you’re talking with your new oral health care provider. Let’s take a look.

The number one question to ask a new dentist is how often you need to see them for an exam and cleaning. The answer will vary–most dentists suggest that an average patient needs to come in twice a year to have an exam and get their teeth cleaned. Some patients however may benefit from more frequent visits, up to three or four times a year or more. It all depends on your oral health situation and your goals. Your dentist can guide you in the right direction, so ask for their input!

Another good question to ask your new dentist is about taking care of your oral health at home. After they’ve become familiar with your needs and goals, your dentist can recommend the right brushing and flossing routine, diet, and oral health care products to give you the best possible smile. As with everything, it depends on your unique situation, but that’s where your dentist’s training and expertise come in.

Another common question is about dental aesthetics. Teeth whitening is becoming an increasingly common procedure, and many patients find that it enhances both their appearance and their confidence. And that’s a good thing–teeth whitening, like many cosmetic procedures, isn’t about vanity. It’s about ensuring that you can live your best life, feel your best, and have the most confidence in your smile. So if you’re interested, ask your dentist about teeth whitening. They can help suggest the right course of action for you.

And of course, you should ask your dentist about any ongoing oral health issues or concerns. Whether it be bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, or other pain if it’s bothering you or recurring you should bring it up during an exam. Your dentist can look into the issue, perform a more detailed exam, and then devise a course of treatment. As oral health care providers we want you to be healthy, so bring any problems to our attention no matter how small they might seem.

Of course, this all begins with a first appointment, so don’t delay. Get in touch with us and we’ll get you in for an initial exam and start your journey towards better oral health.