Dental Veneers

dental veneers hampstead nc

Dental veneers are a common cosmetic procedure, often used to repair damage or discoloration to teeth. At Hampstead Dental, we’re experienced with dental veneers and their applications, and as part of our commitment to patient education, we’d like to pass some of that understanding along to you. So what are dental veneers, how do they work, and are they right for you? Let’s jump in!

A dental veneer is, as we’ve said, a cosmetic treatment. Essentially they’re a thin layer or shell of protective material—generally porcelain or composite resin—applied to the surface of the tooth with an adhesive. They can be used to fix any of a number of issues, including:

  • Chipped or worn teeth
  • Stained enamel or discolored teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Abnormally spaced teeth

In general, dental veneers offer a relatively easy way to repair these and other issues. They offer some other advantages as well, as they are fairly durable and often much more difficult to stain or discolor than natural enamel is.

So, are there any downsides to dental veneers? Not exactly, although there are some things that you should be aware of before getting a veneer. If a veneer is being used to repair the damage, the repaired tooth maybe a little more sensitive to heat and cold than your natural tooth. This has to do with the nature of the repair; your dentist may need to reshape a damaged tooth so that it can accept the veneer. They do so by removing some of the natural enamel, which means that a veneer is a permanent procedure.

Veneers are safe, relatively easy to implant, and if cared for properly may last a lifetime. If you’re interested in dental veneers, just call us. Our helpful staff and Hampstead Dental will discuss your individual situation and tell you if a dental veneer might be right for you!