Welcome to Hampstead Dental

Our office was established over 30 years ago and is now owned by Dr. Charles J. Schein. We carry on the quality and dedication to patient satisfaction that we’ve become known for.
We strive every day to offer the highest quality service and to keep ahead of the latest techniques in order to assure that our patients achieve the best possible outcomes. We work together to ensure that our entire team maintains standards of high-quality professional training and that our patient communication is second to none.

Our scope of services reflects our training, interests, and desire to provide top-quality care. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Regular checkups and exams are foundational to all other dental care. They let us detect problems early and keep your smile in the best shape it can be.
  • Teeth cleanings and other preventative procedures are other vital steps in oral health. They help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy, prevent gum disease, and head off future problems before they can develop.
  • Restorative services and treatments allow us to deal with any acute problems which may arise. Common restorative issues include a filling to correct a cavity, fixing a broken or knocked-out tooth, or installing a dental implant like a bridge or crown. All of these treatments are routine procedures designed to preserve or enhance a patient’s dental health and are generally accomplished with minimal discomfort to the patient.
  • Cosmetic procedures to enhance appearance and self-esteem. A bright and healthy-looking smile is an important part of life, and a general or family dentist can help with that via teeth whitening, cosmetic bonds and veneers, and other cosmetic treatments. There is a wide variety of these available to fit an equally wide variety of needs and situations, so your dentist can explain which one will best fit your goals.
  • Treating oral health as a vital component of a patient’s overall health. While dentistry views health through the lens of oral health, we understand that the whole body and the patient’s overall health must be treated as one cohesive unit. We work hard to improve our patient’s overall well-being.
  • Providing a relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming setting. We want to foster a level of patient comfort that ensures good communication, honesty between patients and our staff, and a teamwork approach to help make our patient’s goals happen.

The team at Hampstead Dental believes each patient is unique and deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. We strive to develop lifelong relationships with our patients by combining the latest dental technology with a professional and compassionate staff. The result is a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

In an era of big-box stores and one-click shopping, our office is a welcome return to a time more personal. We are a family, and when you walk in the door, we genuinely hope you realize our family is here to serve you. So from our family to yours – Welcome.