Dental Technologies

At Hampstead Dental, our priority is the health and well-being of our patients. For us, this means providing the highest quality patient care in part by ensuring that we make use of the best contemporary dental technologies.

  • Digital X-rays
  • Ultra Low Dose 3D X-rays
  • Laser Tissue Management
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Powerful softwares
    • Diagnosis
    • Implant planning
    • Collaboration
  • Antiviral Air Filtration

We also believe in patient education, which in this case means that we want you to understand the tech we use and how it helps us give you the best care that we can. Here we’d like to offer a look at some of the imaging technologies we use to help us better see, understand, and diagnose oral health issues.

plameca ultra low doseHampstead Dental strives to stay at the forefront of dental technology, in this case by using some of the best imaging systems available. Our office uses a Planmeca ProMax for imaging—it’s a state of the art system that offers many advantages to us and our patients. The Planmeca ProMax is a versatile system, fulfilling many roles in our practice by allowing us to create high quality, high volume images that can be used for a variety of different tasks. Its capabilities far exceed those of traditional 2D x-rays or even other contemporary 3D machines. The advantages of the Planmeca ProMax include the following:

  • High-quality images for assessment and diagnosis of oral health issues and problems.
  • Detailed 3D images for dedicated endodontic images, especially useful when preparing for a root canal or similar procedure. This allows us to diagnose bone infections or place implants much more easily.
  • Powerful software for managing and interpreting the images we make, allowing us to prepare them for anything from referrals to CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing) models for making dental prosthetics.
  • Easy image sharing for ease of collaboration—we can share images both in-office and with other oral health care providers. Should a patient need a referral, this streamlines the process.


There’s one more advantage to the Planmeca ProMax, which is of special importance to many of our patients. Due to the advanced technology in use, the ProMax is an Ultra-Low Dose machine. This means that it exposes the patient to far less radiation than traditional x-rays or even many other 3D imaging machines—77% less. This low radiation dose per use, combined with sophisticated imaging that requires fewer x-rays or images to be taken, means that patients in our office are exposed to far less radiation than they might otherwise be. While traditional dental x-rays are safe when used sparingly, we feel strongly that any step we can take to provide more frequent and accurate diagnoses while exposing our patients to less radiation is best practice for us.

planmeca cone beamAt Hampstead Dental we seek to provide the most informed and accurate treatment available to our patients, whether then need a dental prosthesis or just a regular exam and cleaning. Our team of professionals works with each patient to help them preserve and enhance their oral health. Whatever your dental needs, get in touch today and we’ll schedule an appointment as soon as possible.